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how to charge a high voltage capicator from a battary ? Answered

i have about 4 capacitors , all is 330v(or less or more in small amounts) and 1 is 210uf (the others is less) .
i want a circuit that charge them ALL and make them ready to use ?
plz plz dont just throw the circuit image and go a noobie need some help here .
thank you all .
i want to charge it using 9v Battery.



Best Answer 7 years ago

Here is a very detailed DIY Capacitor charger, first pic.I modified from a
stun gun circuit.   You only need to build my picture to charger.
The pointer is to the full stun gun.  It will answer your questions.   A


Steal the flash circuit from a disposable camera

You will have to build something you probably won't understand - a voltage multiplier.

If you have a 9 volt battery all you get is 9 volts! So you need some way to make that 9 volts much bigger at less current.

If you can follow the diagram and just build and your lucky you may get it to work. Problem is without experience you can't fault find if some error stops it working.

NOTE working with high voltages IS dangerous to life and limb.

The most common, and easiest way to charge a capacitor to that voltage is a disposable camera.

For a single charger, the output voltage needs to be the same as the lowest voltage capacitor.

If you want to avoid building something yourself, you can see if a DC-DC converter is available, or a charge pump as a single component.

thanks you .but ..
i know i can do that using a camera :D , but i want to build it my self :) ?
how can i do it plz :D ?

Websearch "DC to DC converter", which is what the circuit in the camera is called. Look for one that provides, or can be modified to provide, the voltage you need. Build it.