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how to charge the cellphone using the high blowing wind while going in the car? Answered



well...just use the principle of dynamo....dat's it! :-)


8 years ago

Use the cigarette lighter socket.  But if this is hypothetical you would put a blade on a DC motor with a 7805 regulator or a voltage booster (not sure if the voltage would be too high or too low)  a diode, a cap, and a female USB socket.  Relatively simple.  You could use a gearbox to get more power.  Or you could take the handle off of one of those crank flashlights with USB and attach a blade to where the handle went.  Anyways use the socket the engine powers it.

Why do people keep asking this same daft question?
Use the 12V supply.


Because, with an inadequate understanding of the laws of thermodynamics, they think the energy will be free.

I guess if the car would be moving anyway, it kinda sorta makes sense to get something back from the energy expended.... But yeah, use the cigarette lighter.

Well, the point is that the additional drag added by the windmill would negatively impact the efficiency and fuel mileage of the car.  It would probably be more efficient to draw a few more milliamps from the alternator.

Oh yeah, I'm totally with you. Just saying that I understand the impulse, however misguided it may be. It does make me wonder if anyone's done an empirical study on exactly what the tradeoffs are for something like this, though. Somebody call Jamie Hyneman!

What's wrong with the cigarette lighter? That supplies 12V.....

.  Yep.  No having to build a wind turbine, no having to build a generator, no building something to mount all that to the vehicle.

+1 I was *just going to say the same thing