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how to check the current requirements of 6 wire stepper motors? Answered

I am building a cnc mill have 3 6 wire some stepper motors i bought from ebay.
In the write up on the stepper motor controlers it says to adjust the current for the motors.  but it also says you need to determine the current requirements.
Not sur haw to do this. A goggle of the part number gave me zero.



get a small variable voltage adapter like 450mA and try it if it runs ok dont go higher
best advice start with a small current and 12 volts if they run stick to that i think my motors use 24 volts but they work fine on 12 so i not moving next thing u kno i burn out the motor and have to go hunting again 

There's a clue, but not much, from the motor diameter. What size are they ?

Hi thanks for your interest.
2" or 50mm diameter and 2" or 50mm long.
the brand is Minebea part number 78201526-001.
i just noted on the label 1.0A /phase.
So i guess you double that as there are 6 wires?


No, depends what you mean. 1A/phase is per coil maximum, so at some instants there may well be more than an 1A in total to the motor, but not to any coil.


The ebayer that you bought them from should have given you that info.  Since they didn't, that means that they don't know what they had and were "hinting" that fact to you.

If you can't find that info, you may have to just guess what the current is.  Do you know the voltage?

I would ask the seller for specs or the mfg name, so you can contact them for technical specifications.