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how to clean acrylic paint from microfiber furniture? Answered



3 years ago

OK I would never suggest this method normally but I was desperate. I used non acetone nail polish remover and scrubbed like hell and it came out. Now my micmicrofiber couch supposedly has a stain protector on it but when I tried to clean with soap and water it would not come out. So maybe it removed the protector and the paint but the color remained and you can barely see the paint. So I'm not sure I recommend this but proceed at your own descretion. ☺

My daughter had "wiped" the RED paint on the fabric(!) I used a few drops of dish soap in warm water and a rough textured washcloth. With the cloth dampened in the soapy water I rubbed the paint stain. Surprisingly it came right out! I then put pressure on the damp area with a dry cloth so as not to leave the water stain. You would never know it ever happened!! Good as new. Thank you all for your advice ☺


8 years ago

Try wet wipes. Worth a shot?

I had a thought last night about this.  If you carefully froze the paint with dry ice and then bent the fabric, you might be able to get most of it off.  You will have to be careful thought bending the paint might tear the fabric.

That might actually work, if you're really careful and the paint is mostly on the surface (not embedded deeply in the fiber) You can also turn a can of Dust-Off upside down and freeze stuff that way, if dry ice is not readily available - works like a charm getting gum and candle wax off of things, too.
That said, I'm still going with "slipcover".

If you're lucky enough to mean acrylic latex...I accidentally spilled a small bit of acrylic latex on mine and used "goop off", a toothbrush, papertowels, and a razor blade to cajol most of it out. (razor was used as a scraper for the thicker parts, to get them down to size for the solvent). It looks fine, although there's still a small bit, the size in total of a pencil eraser, left as a reminder of my stupidity for not using enough painters cloths...The original splash was about 1" x 3" in four or five pieces, and I didn't discover it until about two weeks after it happened.

be very careful with the goop off. I didn't experience any on my deep blue couch, but it may or may not cause a discoloration on yours, which might require a secondary application of something else to bring it back to "normal" (for instance, a rawhide colored one, that might leave a bathtub ring stain, if you know what I mean)

It might be worth calling the furniture store you bought it at for advise or look up Monsanto or whoever owns the microfibre patent and contact them directly and ask for technical assistance. I recall the instructions for cleaning from my furniture store as being "soapy water in moderaton" and that's it...so I just tried to be as careful as I could and wing it.

best of luck

I agree.  Once acrylic is dry it is very hard to remove.  Almost impossible if embedded in the  fabric.