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how to clean antique bronze lamp? Answered

I bought an antique bronze and coper lamp.  I have cleaned it somewhaat, yet, i havent been succedssful cleaning it all the way.  Any tips?


Colors on a bronze are like a garden; if you like it it's a plant, if you don't, it's a weed.

Different from brass, bronze almost always has a patina. But, there are a wide range of possibilities.

If you like the color, or it has historical value, you should preserve it with a good quality wax, which will give it luster.

Can you put up an image? That would help.

Like Mr. Harris said do not clean it until you find out if it has any value. Collectors prefer the patina because it gives character to the antique.
If you discover that it has little or no value, you can clean it with Liberty Polish or any other metal cleanser.

DONT! You ,may well devalue it by removing the patina of ages. Go see an expert to find out if it's worth anything - IF NOT and you want it clean - Ketchup works.

Agree 100%. See what you've got before you devalue it by cleaning it.

If you don't clean the lamp, or at least try to clean it, how else are you going to induce the genie to come out?