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how to clean mold growth from cement basement walls and prevent further growth from recurring? Answered



6 years ago

If you have a floor drain, a pressure washer is ideal. Otherwise, scrub it off with bleach water and stiff brushes Then treat with a fungicide and concrete sealer.
Be sure to wear a good particle mask and old clothes that you can either wash or throw away immediately.
Don't let kids or pets use the basement until all traces of the mold have been removed.
Then you will have to eliminate the source of moisture and that means waterproofing the exterior basement walls and perhaps installing a french drain around the basement perimeter.


Answer 6 years ago

I would say it's more important to not let children and pets there just after chemical treatment - depending on the chemical.

If a person is not allergic to mold, then short time contact with spores is not anything to panic about. Long term exposure is unhealthy.

I'm sure there are some very nasty chemicals sold with the help of fear that people have for mold. Of course not all chemicals are so evil, borax is supposed to be okay for humans but kill funguses.

But no fungus-killing chemical is going to solve the underlying problem of moist. Start from the cause and you may keep some other problems away, like the house breaking down.