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how to clean oxidation of car head lights? Answered

my car lenses are full of oxidation and i was wondering a easy way for me to clean them without buying expensive products , by using products from the home. If anyone can help thank you gizzy2125


.  I went through this 4-5 months ago. I bought a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix that had "fogged up" lenses. I tried the polish from a local auto parts store (don't remember the brand) and did what I thought was a very good job. Then I saw my car parked next to a car with new headlights ... it didn't look near as good then. :(   Ended up buying new headlight assemblies.
.  I have heard from several sources that I consider reliable that aftermarket headlights will "fog up" much sooner than OEM parts, so I went to the GM place and spent ~$220 for each side to get real Pontiac headlights.
.  When I go to replace the taillights, I'll probably try e-Bay.

I just happened to be at the auto parts store a couple of days ago. They have some sort of special plastic lens cleaner/polisher. Sorry I don't have the name, I just saw a bottle on the counter and read the label advert while I was waiting for the clerk to return with a printout of my expected damages for a new exhaust system...

Anyway, check in wit your local parts store. They should be able to hook you up with the latest greatest solution

Well, if you can access the part that actually has the gunk on it, first try scrubbing it with those kitchen scrubbing pads(don't use the metal kind or steel wool) with dishsoap. If that doesn't do it, add some rubbing alcohol. If that doesn't work, bring it up to your car parts store or hardware store an ask for help