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how to clean up oil from a carpet? ? Answered

I recently was cleaning up my room and i spilled a container of mineral oil on my carpet, is there a way to get it up without replacing the carpet? 



Best Answer 7 years ago

Details here.  I would do it sooner rather than later.

Just get a can of oil carpet cleaner. It works pretty well if you do it right. look in the isle where they have stuff like cleaners and detergents. It comes in an aerosol can

You are going to need to do this in four steps.
1) Remove as much oil as possible
2) Break the oil down and clean it out
3) Dry the carpet
4) Vac the carpet
If you have a wet-dry vac, I would use that to draw as much as you can from the floor. Having done that, I would then use a mild solution of a grease cutting dish detergent such as Dawn and very hot water to break up the oil and prevent any staining or residue. Then vac that out of the carpet. Finally, sprinkle some talcum powder over the area and cover with an old towel, this will draw the moisture out of the carpet when you stand and walk on it. Finally, vac the powder up and you should be done. You might need to repeat any one of these steps as necessary for good results. BTW, good on you for taking responsibility and cleaning it up. I know several people, kids and adults, who would just put something over the spill like a box and claim ignorance when found.


7 years ago

Ummm ...how much oil and what kind of carpet? I suggest you get your parents in on this SOON. They might want to talk to a carpet store person or a professional carpet cleaner.

For first aid: If it the carpet isn't tacked down, lift it and clean up the floor underneath. then put down something under the carpet (waterproof dropcloth?) before doing anything that adds more liquid. You don't want to wreck the floor finish underneath with detergent, vinegar or anything else.

If it's wall to wall with a pad underneath, be aware that some pads can act as blotters and absorb a lot. So you might need to stand on something absorbent (towel) on top of the cornstarch/baking soda or whatever to get the oil that's farther in.

I had pretty good results with repeated applications of corn starch on synthetic wall to wall carpet when a radiant oil heater leaked. Baking soda probably would have been better.

A suggestion for your room... If you get drapes with the white rubber stuff on the back at someplace like Goodwill, they're usually pretty inexpensive. You can cut off the pleated part at the top, run them through the washer and dryer and put them over your carpet.. Doing this will give you time to mop up whatever spills before much gets onto the carpet itself. I work with oil based inks and have more than one layer on the floor - the tricky part is not tripping on them :)