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how to close/ seal capri sun pouch straw hole ? Answered

Hi there, I'm interested in creating some of the projects reusing capri sun pouches but would like to know if there is a need to close/ seal the straw hole on the pouch. I was wondering if water or dust will go in it once the pouches are sewn together.  Thanking you for the response, Mina.


If I were to use them for a project I'd want to cut a slit in the pouch (somewhere that it won't hurt the project) and then rinse the pouch with water (and maybe a little bleach). I'd be more worried about mould growth after awhile if there is any left over juice. After that, I would make sure they were dry and then I would use some glue (suitable for the material) or a good quality clear packing tape and seal off all the openings.

I agree with canucksgirl on the washing out part. If you are sewing the pouches together to make your project you will be puncturing them again anyway, so I wouldn't worry too much about the straw hole. You could put a dab of suitable glue inside the pouch behind the straw hole after you have washed them out if you want to be sure that the straw hole wont cause a problem.

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6 years ago

Put a vinyl sticker over the holes. You can get them at most craft stores or make your own.