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how to code on NEO PIXEL 60 LED CLOCK Answered

Please help me to make neo pixel clock.
compenent  I am useing    1)    Arduino Nano,  DS 3231, LDR and ws 2812b  ring 60 led

Please help me in coading


Why is it that now people come here and want someone to do the coding for free?
No code posted, no details provide, just a bill of materials and HELP....
If you don't know how to code it would be best to start with something you know before adding more and more variables that you have no clue about ;)

1.) Find ring neo library.

2.) Install and test

3.) find ds3231 library

4.) Install and test.

5.) Wtrite clock program on basis of experiments.


8 months ago

Do you program the Nano before ??