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how to combine wifi yagi antena with usb wifi adapter with internal antena (ex: tplink TL-WN321G)? Answered




Best Answer 9 years ago

You wouldn't be able to without breaking the case on the usb-adaptor and requiring some serious extra parts to be soldiered into it and then reprogramming the usb-adaptor.
You -can- use what's called can-tenna's and parabolic reflectors however to boost your usb-adaptor signal, but that only works in certain directions. And there's quite a few good Instructables around for that(currently I just need a teeny little signal gain and an aluminum pie plate is doing the trick for me with the usb-adaptor poked in the middle).

If your intention to use a wifi-yagi antenna was to get a better signal to connect to your personal router, you can typically replace the antenna on your router with the high-gain antenna and simply boost your routers signal instead. (If your 'yagi' is like this for example http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.1494)

However, If you want to use a wifi yagi antenna, or a a high-gain antenna to 'war-drive' your better off investing in a replacement usb-adaptor, and you can get them that have the antenna's on them. Or getting the proper network card, which go anywhere from 15$ and up. Though I recommend this one http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.20157

I've already breaking my usb wifi adapter case but I don't know where exactly to solder my antenna cable extension on the pcb

That, I can't help you with. Im a total fob when it comes to soldering electrical componants, my soldering iron was quickly converted to a woodburning iron.

You can usually have a look for the antenna trace on the board, sometimes they even have connecter on them... If you have a look around you should spot something that looks promising.. I have also seem long white looking antennas...maybe attach a 2.8cm wire to one and see if it improve reception? Just a guess tho :P