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how to connect 5 mpu 9250 sensor to ardino? Answered

I am doing a project for gesture recognition for deaf people ,so i don't know how to connect five MPU 9250 sensor to ardino and to get simultaneously the output with out delay



A very thanks to all who helped me by commenting.

Are you using I2C/SPI (or other serial communication), or are you wiring it directly to Arduino? If you are using serial communication, then you can have all five of them hooked up to the serial communication pins (A4 and A5 on an Uno), and just use each one as a slave (each one has its own address). As for no delay, that is impossible. There will always be a small delay. If you write your code efficiently, you shouldn't be able to notice the delay, though.

Best of luck!

can you please have the circuit diagram......please


7 months ago

What is without delay and what is simultaneously, A second, a millisecond, a microsecond ?

Arduino can only do a single instruction at a time and resolving a sensor may take 10 to 100 machine instructions...

What is the clock Fq of your Arduino translate that to instructions per second..

Yea ... that is to slow..

What Rick and Downunder are pointing out is that when a microprocessor is fast enough, we humans are never going to notice the resolution time..

Then you should also verify that your sensors are faster or as fast as the processors for obvious reasons..

You can try to run five (parallel) Arduinos feeding the sensor data to a sixth executive uP...

Processing things takes time, time come from the CPU.
8bit is good for simple stuff but there is a reason for 32bit systems, fast processors and parallel processing/multitasking ;)

Pretty much you can't. There will always be a scan delay for checking seperate inputs.

It just depends on how much processing time you can amage with.