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how to connect four channel line follower sensor to motor driver l293 ? how do i know if the sensor is working ? Answered

i have this four channel line follower module . i need to connect this module to l293 motor driver. please anyone can tell how to ? how do i know if the sensor is working ? 


The sensor LEDs are often Infrared, you can see them working with a digital camera, your phone for example.

Try Veerobot web site for info.

IF no help


This is a very similiar set up.

The onboard micro pulses each TX LED in turn and checks for a return signal.

As they usually follow black lines the active signal is low ie it ca see the line.

If the inside LEDS see the line then you turn slightly towards that LED, If the outside LED see the line you need to correct more actively as your going a long way off course.

Sometimes they are set so that when the line is wide enough the inside LEDs always see black (the line) and the outside see white (the background.) This again gives you fine and coarse control signals.

See if "VeeRobot" can help ?


8 months ago

Hoping you are able to use a voltmeter..

Identify the supply +VCC & GND pins there are four signal pins, apply power and measure D1 while presenting a white sheet with a dark area and discover how the pin voltage changes as white / dark is presented to the sensor..

If it was my toy, I would want to know how thin a line the unit could detect, how far from the line it would become ineffective and what level of ambient light might interfere with line detecting, but you did not ask for that..


8 months ago

these are the images of sensor module