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how to connect laptop to tv? Answered

my screen broke on my toshiba notebook. i wan to plug into my tv




7 years ago

I have a Toshiba laptop that I connect to my old TV. Being old, my TV has RCA jacks for aux input (yellow, red and white). My Laptop has an S-video jack and a headphones jack. I bought a cord that plugs into both (S-video to RCA). Additionally, my laptop's graphics card had a control program that handles the output. I just detect the display, then clone the output to the TV.

Note that with an old, tube-type television, the screen does not have enough resolution to display 12-pt text.  Thus, televisions are not good replacements.  Check out the discussion "Dual monitor vs one widescreen for simultaneous TV and computer work?" for some more info.

s-video to rca cord.jpggraphics card settings.jpg

Most laptops have S-Video out, and most newer TVs have S-Video in. You may need to know how to set the computer to display the video out the port instead of to it's own screen. That is however by far the easiest and cheapest way to get the video (no audio however) to your tv.

Oh dear. What connections do both the laptop & TV have?



7 years ago

If your laptop has an HDMI video outlet and your television set has HDMI input, just run a cable between the two and tune the TV to the appropriate mode.

You can buy laptop to tv cables on Amazon; if you do not buy online you may be able to buy from an electronic store.
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