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how to connect playstation cable to usb pc? Answered

I have V3 interact steering wheel of ps2 i want to connect with pc.
i know there is a converter but it is not avallble here



7 years ago

er hey guys i also need a converter,coz my fren gave me a dance pad but only for ps one and two so where do i get one?

ps/2 connector is not 'playstation 2', it is 'IBM Personal System/2'.

To confirm, does it have a Playstation controller plug (wide flat plug with 9 pins) or is it a ps/2 plug (round with pins, similar to s-video)?

You can get adapters that convert Playstation plugs to USB and interpret their signals as gamepad/joystick controls.

You can also get adapters that convert a usb port on your computer into a ps/2 mouse and keyboard port. Do not confuse these converters with the usb-to-ps/2 dongles that just make the pin connections (purple and green that are usb male and ps/2 female). They rely on newer peripherals that are usb, and 'speak' ps/2 serial for backward compatibility on the same data lines.

I'm pretty sure he actually means a PlayStation 2 steering wheel.

I have no idea if it's possible/easy to do manually, all I can advise is that if you have any way to transfer money to Paypal, you could buy the adapter in DealExtreme or FocalPrice, it's cheap and with free shipping, but it will take a while until it's delivered, so if you're in a hurry that's not a possibility

wal mart has them for about 15 bucks.

Quoting from the question: "i know there is a converter but it is not avallble here"

I would suggest the search has not been exhaustive (enough).