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how to construct a add-on touch screen ?? kindly help me as i have decided to build this for my school project ...? Answered



One of the original touch screens was a frame around the crt screen that had across the left side ir led's and across the top ir led's and across the right side and bottom photo diode that were sensitive to the ir led's.  THey were matrixed so that if you broke the light path it was read as a position and integrated into the software as an input of position.  YOu could do the same thing.  The more leds you have the better the resolution.  with todays faster computers you should be able to get hight resolution and quick responce.

This system was even marketed as an add on.  You basically stuck the frame on a crt screen and you had a touch screen.

hey ...i wanna ask  more questions......
..if i use L.E.Ds den which type of frame should i use? or if i use SENSORS den......?????????

n  is thr ne specific range of sensing ability of these types of  sensors ???

dont mind plzz ...my english is really bad....hope u understand ..waiting 4 ur reply....


8 years ago

A good start would be to check out the touch screen controller ICs made by Atmel.  But I'm warning you - you'll be jumping into the deep end with both feet!

So, how did you think you were going to do this, when you decided to take it on as a project ? 

Clue: Try searching Instructables for some ideas

Which brings us to:

Important Safety Tip #49

"That would be AWESOME" is not an acceptable substitute for a solid concept based on real-world prinicples.