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how to control a car with arduino and a wifi shield Answered

hi,,  i'm trying to make a project and i wanna know what things i need...
i want to control a car from my pc with an arduino using wifi,, i've been looking for a while a there are some options about the wifi, i have an arduino uno smd edition i don't know if it is compatible whit those wifi modules i saw,  one of them was the  wifly and other the xbee..
i saw the xbee was cheper, so i'm interested in that one, but i'm not sure if that is all i need, i mean the wifi module and a shield to put over the arduino to comunicate themselves...   sorry for my way to express i'm a rookie in this and i really wanna learn some of this stuffs
so, if someone could help me a little a really apreciate it, thanks for reading....



6 years ago

Is it an R/C car? If you have access to the servo-style cables that plug into the receiver unit then you can replace the receiver with an Arduino/Xbee combination. Then you can use your computer with another Xbee to control it.

Use the Arduino's built-in Servo library (http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/Servo) to control your R/C car's speed controllers.

That's just an overview. If you need more guidance about connections, let me know.


Reply 6 years ago

hey man thanks for your reply... listen this is a project for my university, so i'm going to build everything, i have to make a 3d model of that and then start to building,, my doubt here,(well i have a lot xD) i need to know if i need to xbee module to control that car from my pc, i wanna press one key and send an order to tha car,, so do i need two xbee to make that comunication or one is enough jus t to receive that order an then the arduino make the car moves ... i need firstable make that conection, and i have to know what i have to buy,, i'v been looking around and the xbee whit the shild to put it over the arduino, both is like 40 dollars... i need buy that to start...
thanks again ...


Reply 6 years ago

Yes, you will need two Xbee modules and at least one Arduino. The Arduino and one Xbee will go on the car, and the other Xbee will connect to the computer via an Xbee Explorer (for example: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/8687).

If you're building the car from scratch you need to investigate motors and electronic speed controllers, too. Assuming a toy-size care, robotmarketplace.com is a good place to start.