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how to control robot using RF module? Answered

Hi,I'm new to robotics ...I'm building a robot which consists L293D motor driver which drives two dc motors .The problem is how to control it using RF module???



5 years ago

Many instructables about making remote control robots and cars. Have a look at your options. But your best bet is to get an RC radio and receiver. You may need a micro controller to interpret the signals from the controller and translate them to commands to the motor controller.


Answer 5 years ago

Start reading instructables on building a robot or RC vehicle and find out.

To put things simply... The receiver receives a signal from the remote and sends the proper voltage to an output pin. The micro controller reads the signal from that output pin on one of it's input pins. What happens after that depends on the code your running on the micro controller. Lets say that signal you sent to the reboot was to move forward. Then when the micro controller gets a voltage on that pin it knows it needs to send a certain PWM signal to a certain output pin that is connected to the right motor(s) and make them move forward.