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how to control small dc motors with arduino uno r3 with the connection of homade moter controller Answered

how to control small dc motors by motor controller on arduino r3  and what is the better motor controller chip and how many small dc motors can u connect on an arduino uno r3



3 years ago

A representation of what PWM .... Pulse Width Modulation is and does to a motor.


3 years ago

text to follow


No reversing relay and ( only 2 Port wires to run the motor ) very confusing to you.

Here is the Solid State solution you want, it is a DC bridge ( needs 4 port wires ) here is how to use them....

FWD => PWM A and ON A' High while PWM B low and ON B' low.

REV => PWM B and ON B' High while PWM A low and ON A' low.

Dynamic Breaking => Both ON A' and ON B' low while both PWM A and PWM High

If I find a Best Answer from you can expect a very useful Hint.

Count the output pins on your Arduino and divide by 4 to see how many motors you can PWM... Obviously if you go use a reversing relay that doubles the motors and if you just want to go one direction it quadruples...

The battery is only for the motors and relay, Not for the Arduino !

there are shields that can add that can run four motors at a time.

can I control those motors speed

and finally one more last question what do you think is better in range and send data and reciving data quality between two arduino uno's nrf24l01 or rf 315 module
(thanx for your help)

I mean can this setup control each motors direction and speed individually

No. You need DPDT .... Double Pole Double Throw contact configuration.

and the contact electrical rating needs to match or exceed your motor voltage and motor starting current.

The relay coil voltage needs to be the the battery voltage you decide to use.

YES of course, it all depends on how you write your software..

HINT is ;

To take the Greatest of care to Never Ever not even for a millisecond

Do Not turn PWM A High and ON B' High at the same time OR

Do Not turn PWM B High and ON A' High at the same time !!!

This would cause a Short of the battery through two MOSFETS and depending on your battery BLOW THEM OUT of YOUR Circuit !!!!


3 years ago

He wants a picture.


i need a motor drive not a relay and can you plz make the scematic more understandable sorry for a lot of questions I am a beginner on arduino

The relay works direction of rotation and the micro does the PWM which was all you asked about and I did not want to confuse you but here goes.

You asked this before.