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how to convert a sweater to a backpack? Answered

i need to convert an old hoodie sweater into either a backpack, bag or babybjorn of some sort. Any suggestions on how to? Preferably without cutting alot, or adding to many new stiches/zippers


The others are cose but here's what I think:
1 - Sew the bottom (waist) of the sweater closed so nothing falls out
2 - Install a zipper of some buttons at the top (neck) to close it
3 - Attach the sleeves to the bottom with adjustable straps
4 - Enjoy and costomize as you want (such as buttons, pins, smaller pockets, etc.)

WARNING: Some sweaters need to be reenforced on the inside due to age, potental stretching, and/or cheap fabric/yarn. I recremend using a tarp for water resistance.

Note: you can put the zipper at the bottom for a larger opening but heavy loads tend to split the zipper.

Use bofthems ible

I like a mixture of aeray and Name_ace's methods.

Turn the sweater inside out before you sew the bottom closed and give it 2 or 3 trips across for better security. Turn it right way out and sew the sleves closed at the cuffs and armpits. (Prevents you from losing all of your small items!)

Then use cords to tie the sleeve cuffs to the bottom corners of the bags.
Fill using the neck opening and use the hood as a tucked-in cover for the opening.


9 years ago

Lay the sweater flat on the ground with the arms extended. Bunch up the bottom (hem? waist-bit?) and tie it with a 4 foot piece of cord, using a square knot, leaving an equal amount of cord remaining on either side. Tie the loose ends of the cord to their respective sleeves (at the cuff) using another square knot, or even better, a sheepshank knot. Try it on. The cord-to cuff knot may have to be adjusted to optimize the "ride height" of the pack.


9 years ago

You could (holding the sweater right side up) stitch up the bottom or do something to seal it up, and then you could attach the bottom of the arms near the bottom of the sweater so that you could use them to put on your shoulders to hold the backpack, and you can put everything you need to carry in the head hole.