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how to convert my Whirlpool Duet Sport Electronic Gas Dryer from Natural Gas to Propane? Answered

What parts do I have to buy to transform my Natural Gas Dryer to a Propane Gas?


Nat Gas to LP conversion kits are available from appliance parts stores. Give them the make, Model Number, and serial Number and they should be able to order it for you. They are fairly model specific. If you call the manufacturer they also may supply it to you but in some cases they will only sell them to qualified technicians Difficulty depends on the model and to what degree it must be dis-assembled. The gas orifices must be smaller for LP because it is at a higher pressure than Natural Gas. There is sometimes a spring in the regulator that has to be changed also.

Usually you have to change the jets and change the inlet pressure. Its not a job for someone not trained in gas work.

An experienced gas-fitter should give you the answer or do it for you. Because the gases burn in different ways you need to adjust the jetting /air-gas mix. The dryer may accommodate both fuels and be easy to adjust, or it may require different parts. You should have a user manual for it - anything in that? L