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how to convert to solar? Answered

I recently purchased a normal set of white LED christmas lights for my apartment. But recently I saw similar units that run on solar energy. I was wondering if there was a way to convert the sets that I have into either battery powered or solar powered.


For all practical and expence purposes... I would advise... That's if you have another $10 (I know I don't ;) ) to purchase a solar kit to experiment with... Or just go to a store like mine, take them out of the box's,rip it apart and read the labels... (That's what store's are for arn't they? ;P{Stick it to tha' man.. Te he!}) I'm just guessing.... But i'd say its a solar cell charging 4 AA's... But a 6v sys is only relavant to the LeD's voltage etc... they are using... To purchase Battery housing, cable and not to mention time expenditure.... Your looking at the price of a proper solar kit any way's... Good luck!

. Find the ratings label on the power supply and look for the output volts (for LEDs it should be DC). Match the volts with your battery or PV unit.