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how to convert treadmill dc pulse moter to be used as variable speed moter on a bandsaw? Answered

I would like to have a variable speed  moter on a band saw or a turning lathe and i have a couple treadmill moters .Is there a way to make a power supply or buy one that will work. There's 3 wires on it -1's for a pulse from a hales sencer..



Best Answer 5 years ago

I worked at digital-concepts for 3 years repairing those kinds of motor controllers. If you want variable speed there are 3 ways to do it. One way is to have the motor powered like the diagram of "iceng". Another way is to have the motor go full speed through a fullwave rectifier but use PULLEYS to change the speed. The 3rd way is to purchase a motor controller (pulse-width-modulated type). Those kinds of controllers are pretty complex. They have circuits that compensate for when you step on the treadmill and the motor gets a work-load on it. Without these compensation circuits, the motor will run, but it will have no TORQUE at all. There are other circuits that detect the motor is JAMMED/STOPPED that shut down the motor for safety... and etc. So it is not something easily designed or built. Therefore, the advise if steveastrouk is good advise to purchase one off of ebay.


5 years ago

I have worked on several treadmill DC motors.

These motors are best suited to a band saw and can run on
a line rectified power.   See Circuit.
  • There is a FULL / HALF WAVE ==> 100%/ 70% Power to motor..
  • There is a resistor lamp for speed control
  • 40W, 60W, 100W, 150Watt bulbs make a fine resistor speed control.
  • There is a switch to by-pass the bulb.
  • Both switches closed is top saw speed.
I'm assuming one of the 3 wires is green ?



Don't forget though A. that the regulation of a DC motor goes to pot when you use a resistive voltage drop.

Treadmill power supplies appear on Ebay for not much.