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how to cook noodles good? Answered

i cant seem to cook noodles a good way .. when i cook then they go all hard and yuck can some one help me ??


you can't ever cook noodles good, but with practice you can learn to cook them well.

If too hard, you aren't cooking them long enough.

If too soft, you're cooking them too much.

Read the label. Boil for one minute less than the specified time for "al dente". Sample one. If still too hard, let them cook a bit longer, continuing to taste every minute or so until they're where you want them -- then remove from heat and drain, to keep them from cooking further.

With experience, you'll figure out what cooking time is right for you.


In fact, with enough experience, you can actually see when they're ready.

BTW, if you're adding them into something else like a saute (sp) or a sauce , it can pay to add them when they're just a little ahead of aldente, because they'll cook just a bit more when you're stirring them into the sauce.

What noodles do you have and what are you doing to them?
(Packets of noodles usually have instructions on them)