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how to decorate a fleece hat? Answered

i'm 13 years old and i'm struggling with my home economics homework. Because myself, as a boy, i don't know or care about how to decorate a fleece hat :/ and i can't seem to find anything on the internet. I've been using Google advanced searches blah blah blah blah de blah, can anyone help? asap. i need a long paragraph (about 2 in one ish) or something roughly that size, maybe a few paragraphs. either a link to a website or have it in an answer on here, thanks :)


Try and use a print in the fabric for an embellishment...example, an
animal cut out and sewn on the opposite side if it is a reversible hat (before assembly ) or sew a zig-zag stitch on each side of the hat where it is stitched together .
Also, remember to keep it original to your personality, make it yours and exercise this opportunity to be creative ! Most of all have FUN with the process. As for writing a paragraph or two, simply write about
your experience of your adventure......keep up the good work ! One day you will look back and say WOW i did it. auntiefranny

Have tried searching for "hat" here?

After that, search for "fleece".


5 years ago

Think about how you would make a costume headgear. You might even end up ready for next Halloween.

To quote myself:

"... Instructables' members have some of the keenest brains on the planet.  If you need help with a project, ask for it.  You'll get it.  Just don't ask them to do your physics homework or write a term paper for you, ok? ;-)..."

This also applies to 7th grade Home Ec homework. ;-)

Best of luck!