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how to design Wind Powered Water Lifting System?( against gravity ) it should be waterwheel windmill? Answered

1.      The system will be tested for 6 minutes in door using one fan that generates “wind” at three different speeds (Time starts when the fan is turned ON giving 2 minutes for each speed starting with the lowest speed). The fan is provivded

2.      The setting of the filled lower tank and upper empty tank is provided by the organizer. The details of the setting

3.      The minimum distance between any part of the system and the fan should be at least 190 cm.

4.      All material used in the systems must be safe, harmless and accessible to everyone in normal market. Systems should need no safety protection and no grid electricity

5.      Electric or electronic components are not permissible.

6.      The cost details of the system components should be prepared and presented by each team.

7.      Each team will be given 5 minutes to demonstrate all aspects of their system.

8.      Each system dimensions are limited to 100 cm width, 100 cm length, and 180 cm height.


No more help - Time for you to do some work!

thankx everyone :) but finally i have an idea to build ...;D...

Its definitely for a competition entry in the UAE.

I've done my best with Lulu in PM, but she doesn't seem to want to put much imagination into it. I've suggested a wind powered Archimedes screw, simple, easy to make, could lift a heck of a lot of water.... but she is demanding diagrams of it and detailed explanations of how it works.

Is this a contest? or a science project? Why the strict terms for the design? i.e. why must you use wind power versus water current which would be a more efficient system?

As Vyger kind of pointed out, if this is a contest, and its suppose to be "your own design", do we get credit as members of the "team"??? It doesn't necessarily seem fair to other teams to offer you the "how to" on designing this system if you intend to take the credit and reward.

Just saying...


6 years ago

And what do I get for my design if it wins the contest?

15 days to improve it some more :-)
lulu didn't get answers she liked lat time
What is the definition of harmless ?

lol... yes, poor lulu is on X3 for posting this question.