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how to design a home swimming pool Answered

A pool that one can set up and dismantle.



I'm not sure designing your own will save you very much over buying an above-ground pool (especially if you buy it now, when end-of-the-season sale prices are in effect). You'd still need a swimming pool liner, and a pump/filter/sanitizer system. All you're saving on is the walls that support the liner... and given the mass of water you're trying to contain, I suspect that building something which will reliably withstand that much force is going to be an... interesting ... challenge.

.  Yep. Another one of those If-you-have-to-ask... questions.

Seconded the seconding -- Buy one! I recommend salt-water to provide the chlorination -- softer on the skin, better for the environment, and just as sanitary!

I agree and was just waiting for someone to say it so I could +1 it

Dig a hole.

Fill with water, swim until bored.

Put soil back in hole.


7 years ago

I agree with everyone else. Save yourself the trouble and possibility of the whole thing rupturing and flooding your basement. Could you build one? Probably. But in this case, it's not worth it.