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how to design the blades for centrifugal compressors? Answered


I'm sorry but your question while seemingly simple is much too vague.

In the order they came to me;
What material,
What size,
What shape,
Are you going to build it or is this a thinking project,
What power source,
What are your skills,
What final pressure,
How many stages,
Compressing what? Air?,
How much are you willing to spend,
are just a few questions that come to mind when I tried to answer your question and can't really give you a start without atleast some of them answered.

i want the pressure difference to be rised in the order of 1.3bar for compressing refrigerant.. to be used for small refrigeration unit.. i want at minimum cost and valuable..

Hire an engineer if you want it to compress refrigerant.

Why not use something that has already been designed? Starting from scratch is NOT going to be cheap.

we hav to design the centrifugal compressor which needs to b run by 100watts motor...with 1500 rpm.... since we hav struck up the details like..dia of impeller disc.eye dia....no of blades to b used..final pressure is also not sure ....kindly suggest us the design procedures and the suitable material to be used..