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how to develop a much advanced Spy cam using a normal Spy pen without increasing the quality? Answered

The normal Spy pen, is there a way that i can make it control in a better way.. like using a separate switch to choose between video, camera and audio, and in the mean time, can i transmit the data using a separate mini transmitter?



I really this kind of cool gadgets. Soon i plan to build my own device. It will be a spy sunglasses although http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zcidJN69NY


6 years ago

Depending on your skills being up to the challenge. YES, you know the technology exists awaiting placement .
I have worked on marvelous stand alone video near black projects a decade
ago, even received a patent for a timely wake-On device, but do not have a DIY
spy pen reconfiguration experience to guide you.