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how to display time with 6 I/O lines? ( I want to build an at tiny 13 watch ) Answered

what kind of binary clock can I build with 6 LEDs? If I had 13 I could have done a normal binary clock, but charliplexing seems complicated... anybody with a brilliant idea?


Unless you're willing to add external latch chips to hold values pumped out through those I/O lines, I think multiplexing is probably your best bet.

Or you can go for a low-resolution clock. 26 is 64, so you could divide that across 12 hours and display time counted in units of about 12 minutes (a fifth of an hour).... though 15 minutes would be easier to read, and would have the advantage of referencing nautical time and clock towers.

Or: Do a "Franklin clock". Ben Franklin pointed out that most of us, most of the time, know roughly what part of the day we're in, and proposed a watch with a single hand having a four-hour sweep. If your counter only spans that much, you could have each count be four minutes -- which really is about as much precision as most of us need from a watch.

I think I'll go for displaying time in binary, with something like that to increase resolution. hours (2sec), fade, minutes (2sec) , blink . thank you for your help, I am just starting prototyping with my arduino, and mod the code I used for my first binary clock.

Charlieplexing isn't THAT complicated, especially with only 6 lines.