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how to do the card through window.? Answered

how can i do a card through window magic trick without having help and showing the audence the window?????


You could probably rig up some kind of spring-loaded or pneumatic device to stick the card onto the window for you (I'm thinking maybe a mousetrap/solenoid arrangement, or a mousetrap/gutted RC Car, or even a mousetrap/string, if there's a way to unobtrusively pull the string.) The hard part would be rigging the device so that the arm that places the card drops out of sightlines after the card is stuck to the window. Not an insurmountable issue, though.

That method uses a helper. The only way to do it without a helper is to use actual real magic.

... or to modify the illusion until it's something which suggests the other effect but is easier to implement. Do that well enough, and you may be able to market it.