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how to dress like demon? Answered

i want to dress like a demon for a theme party. how do i do that in the cheapest possible way without spending much.


Wear black and red in lots of layers.
I agree with RavingMad about demons dressing out of date. Shred a red or black tee shirt (a la 80's metal/punk) and wear it on top of all the layers.
The easiest (and cheapest) way to get horns is with a thin plastic headband, red or black felt, a bonding agent (staples, super glue) a few paper clips, and scissors.
Cut 2 large-ish diamonds out of the colored felt -- playing card diamond shaped.
Fold diamonds over headband so you have two triangle "horns".
Keep in place with paper clips holding the felt, as close to the headband as possible.
Try the headband on to check horn placement. Remove headband.
Trim "horns" to the right size and shape, moving the paperclips as needed.
Then staple or glue the three sides of  the triangles together, as close to the edges and the headband as possible.
(I did this for cat ears, but the idea is the same)

Darn, I was going to suggest that you dress as a Goldman-Sachs employee, but that garb would cost you a couple of thousand dollars.

A pair of horns would be the simplest method. KInd of like Jason Lee in "Dogma." For an even simpler method, get some horns on a string a set them in your hair so you don't have to glue them to your forehead.

Personally, I would go for the Japanese demon look, but that'd probably require more cash than you want to spend.


According to Buffy, the best way to spot a demon is by it's outdated fashion sense. Go to Goodwill and pick up some 70's or 80's era clothes, and walk around the party smirking demonically. You could add little horns made of Sculpey if you really want to, but horns are so 12th century....

I'm pretty sure demons don't wear clothes.  So this question has me stumped.

Wear a suit.

Print out some fake business cards to say you're a lawyer call "MS Tophelese".

Make the phone number start "666-", and the address Pergatorio Boulevard.

(That's a double joke - Pergatorio is part of Dante's Inferno, and it is said to be a broad, easy road to hell.)