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how to drive a motor usin arduino without a motor shield? Answered

is it possible to drive motor without a motor shield and if so do you know any good tutorials on  the subject



Best Answer 8 years ago

If you want to drive a small DC motor of less than 500 milliamps, you can use a ULN2803A.  This 20 pin chip interfaces the arduino's low-current output pin to the higher current-higher voltage motor and provides diodes to bleed off the back EMF that you get when you switch off inductive loads like motors or relays.  Setup os easy, the ground from the arduino goes to pin 9 and also to the motor's power supply's ground.  An Arduino output pin goes to, say pin 1 of the ULN2803A.  Pin 10 goes to the '+' motor power supply and pin 18 goes to one motor lead while the other motor lead goes to the '+' power supply as well.  When the Arduino output pin goes low, pin 18 will also go low and the motor should run.  The nice thing is that the motor power supply can be much higher than the Arduino's 5 volts (up to 50 volts).  You can find lots of examples of circuits on the internet, just search for  ULN2803A.


Answer 8 years ago

Servo or DC?  If its servo then its easy just connect the + (red) and - (black) to an external power source; then connect signal (white) to a PWM pin on the arduino.  In the IDE load up a servo example and play around with it until you understand what you are doing. 


5 years ago

Or you can use a SN75411. Its cheap, works with max two motors, and really easy to use. They also have a large community you can work with.