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how to easily win a chess match? Answered



Just wait till you are half way through the game and then well...well...well...well to tell you the truth i don't know

tell them that u suck and thell go easy on u or bump the board and move the pices how u want and if thay disgree tell them that your done playinng and u won

MY sisters used to do that when I was a kid. Maybe its one of those universal principles.

Fool's mate.

just practice day and night.

Uhm... If you know the answer, why did you ask?

Play someone who is considerably poorer than you at playing chess.



7 years ago

Actually the easiest way to win at anything is to play against someone who has less ability than you. So if you want to win "easily" find someone who is newer at it or knows less than you do. Your still not guaranteed a win but your chances are much improved.

Practice, play a lot, read up on the strategy of famous games and players, Practice a lot, analyse where you go wrong/right. Buy a chess computer.

Study basic chess moves.
Study intermediate chess moves.
Play often.
Study your opponent's moves.
Think before moving.
Join a chess club.
Get a chess tutor.
Play more.