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how to erase the data on a microchip Answered

I want to see if any one can tall me how  to erase the data on a microchip I cant find it on YouTube


We had a programable device at work where you popped the ic into a drawer slid it shut and roasted it for a while with strong UV, of course the ic in question had a clear window on top for this feature. However you dont quite specify what ic's you are referring to.

You can tell from some of your answers there is a hole in your question.

One time write ICs are programed once and then thrown out.

Reprogrammable ICs you write over some you can read some you can delete.

But if you just want to wipe it do you want it to be useful afterwards?

You can wipe them with EMP, a magnet, Xray, microwave or a big hammer.

We need a part number to give you a coherent answer because there is more than one answer.


4 years ago

With a Big hammer.


4 years ago

Give me the microchip number or id it from the several thousand made by 20 manufacturers. A small dental X-Ray can erase most any chip in about ten minutes exposure at full power..