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how to extract copper from copper grease? Answered

i mixed copper grease and oil or water i forgot and i saw the little speckles of copper how do i extract them?


White-spirit / "Turps substitute" would probably dissolve the grease, filter through kitchen-roll. Neither of those liquids are very nice, so do it outdoors. L

any other thing that will dissolve grease i was thinking degreaser

super clean is an amazing degreaser, it comes in a purple jug, and its bio degradable. I used it to clean my engine block before I put it together. but be warned if you use it wear gloves it will take all of the oils out of your skin and you will have dragon skin the next day. ask me how I know lol

mm im gonna stick with wd40 so far im getting good results

i made a pot of it but knocked it onto a carpet and it wont come out so im making another set

Oh dear. I did advise you did it outside - weather is good today. L

its fine its in my makeshift lab(garage) but i realised that swarfega gets it of anything so i diluted swarfega with water to make degreaser but i think wd-40 is better so far ive been updating my browser to firefox but i still have the stupid orangeboard bug im trying to sort it out

WD40 has a lot of light petroleum in it so it will work, but it's expensive. If you're going to do this again see if you can pick up something similar from a cheap-shop? L

If you're not bothered about the smell, try heat.

  • Switch on the oven.
  • On a baking tray, lay a pad of several layers of paper towel.
  • Pile the copper/grease/water goop onto the towel.
  • Place it in the oven, and heat for as long as required.

The water should evaporate, and the grease should melt and be absorbed by the towel.

  • Line a funnel with a filter paper (such as a coffee-paper or a folded paper towel).
  • Mix the copper from the oven with a generous squirt of washing up liquid and a large volume of very hot water.
  • Stir thoroughly, then pour through the filter.
  • Spread the copper on a paper towel to dry.

Probably to some degree - it's grease, after all - but I'd guess that a well-ventilated kitchen, and a one-off exposure, would be fine. It's more a case of other people in the house complaining about the smell of hot grease. If in doubt, use a barbecue outside instead.

ok thanks i was wondering if it was possible to melt grease without burning it

Put it into a centrifuge. All of the copper will be at the bottom.

ye i did with wd40 but it exploded when i used my bike to do it

i tried it by making a centrifuge with my bike and its just exloded everywhere

The following URL tells how to extract aluminum from paint.
Extracting copper from anti-seize is likely to be similar, but test a small portion of the anti-seize first, to be sure that it will dissolve in acetone. If it doesn't, another solvent (ordinary paint thinner?) may do.


will alcohol work ?cos i have lots of that

Your question begs a followup...Why? Unless you have enormous amounts of the copper grease, the amount of copper you'll recover is minuscule and won't offset the cost and effort of retrieving it..

i got it for free anyway and its just an experiment