how to extract gold from pcb? Answered


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there are video cd's you can buy off ebay that tell you a concoction to make with ammonia nitrate and something else that eats all the metal and then you can concentrate it and boil it off etc. If I find the CD I will try to let you know. In the mean time, do a google on ammonium nitrate gold refining

They steal copper pipe and wire from buildings and sometimes even from power stations so they can get money from the metal. Even new houses under construction have been stripped. They strip roofs of lead so they can get money for that. They have even stolen statues out of parks so they can melt them down for the brass. And they have stolen windows and doors to get money for the aluminum in them

But no one has ever stolen computers, their parts, or phones or any other electronic parts just for the gold they contain. Why do you suppose that is? Maybe because there is not enough gold there to make it worth stealing. You would be better off to go to Greenland and pan for gold. At least there is a bunch of it there so you can get something for your work.


To be useful you will need tonnes of PCBs so this may not be a get rich quick option.

Apparently, a tonne of cell-phones has more gold in it than natural ore....


The use of catalytic convertors means that some UK roads are almost worth resurfacing, just to extract the platinum from the tarmac.

Some of the busier routes, allegedly (I'm guessing busy-but-slow roads, like the A6).

Remove everything without gold you can from PCB. (Heat Sinks, plastic, ICs)

Remember some chips have gold on the pins.

Chop up PCBs usually the places where the circuit boards connect to other components is where there is the most gold.

Dump in acid, battery acid will do.

Wait till the copper and other metals are dissolved. (May take a couple days)

Pour off acid, should look green now, use a fine filter.

Pick out large pieces of PCB and other things not gold flakes.

Soak gold flakes in alkali or baking soda and water.

Again filter then sell as is or melt into ingots.