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how to fill out a free sample form for electronics? Answered

so i recently found some instructables telling me i could get free samples from electronic companies. but you have to fill out a form. which i dont know how to do. which i know sounds realllly stupid. it asks for things like job title, company,application, project name and so on. could someone please help me on this?


.  As seandogue says, the manufacturers are giving away samples in order to generate sales and a bunch of hobbyists abusing the system will mess it up for everyone.
.  Fortunately, as Re-design points out, some manufacturers are willing to give samples to students and hobbyists that they feel may generate sales in the future. Are you part of some organization (eg, electronics club) that could "sponsor" the request for samples?
.  Give them a reason to want to give you some freebies. Really only two choices there: you will buy more stuff in the future or you will influence others to buy from them.
.  If your project will be shown in public, offering to prominently display  a note mentioning the company and their donation might help your case.

The best thing to do, if you're not just some person whose looking to milk the samples that so many professionals need into oblivion, is to call the company and speak with an engineer, then explain why you need to samples and project your purchasing expectations.

Samples are just that. Samples. They're not supposed to be freebie giveaways for the masses, even if some people treat them that way. By abusing the samples system, you call into question the program of offering samples by the industry. Many companies have made it much more difficult and in many cases, almost impossible to acquire samples due to the abuses within the hobbyist community over the past few years.

I've gotten samples just by entering "electronics student" in the forms. Some won't ship to just a student but lots will.