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how to find break in in ground dog fence? Answered

transmitter goes off like i have a break in the line from time to time. installed new transmitter and it does the same thing. I'm assuming i have a bad connection some where but don't know how to find it.



3 years ago

Just a thought--- To make it easier to fix next time and also make it more unlikely to get damaged, run the new cable inside an old (or new) garden hose as a conduit. Cheap hoses are cheap, available in long lengths, have a large enough diameter to accommodate a large wire and would be much less likely to get damaged. After the hose is in place in the ground you theoretically could pull a replacement wire through it without digging it all up. Depends on if the pressure of the dirt squashes the hose. A second alternative would be to use PVC pipe but that would cost a lot more.

There you go. Spend anywhere from $200 to $8000 to find and fix a break in a cable that would cost $20 to replace and some time to get it a few inches under ground. LOL

Hey, Everyone like their toys! I have to Second mpilchfamily. If it's broken and the cable is cheep, Take the time to replace it.

Even if you detect the break you will still need to pull up the line Or dig a ugly hole to solder it. You would also have to use some nice heat shrink tubing to waterproof it( I still wouldn't trust that btw)

Just run a SECOND line right beside the old one and leave the old one in the ground. To dig the trench Faster and Less-invasively, use a flat spade to go down 6 inches(I assume) then wiggle it back and forth to make a valley. Lay the Cable and stomp on either side of the grass to close the gap. Just like you were never there ! >.>

@Iceng, Sweet Gear! It sounded Totally fake, till I clicked on the link.

I can see Dr-Who now, "Ahh Yes, we need a Time domain reflector, Brilliant!, Hold on a tic, now were are we going to get one of those."

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Wheatstone bridge. (look it up) should be able to isolate a break in a cable to a few cms.


3 years ago

The only foolproof way if it is a physical break is to walk the line.

Check all known connection points. If you don't find the fault then you'll have ti dig up the line.

Couldn't you walk the line with a cheep RF detector ?

Sure but you would need to get the system working. It's not working cause it's detecting a fault. If you can't get a current to flow through the wire the RF detector has nothing to read.

OK, the system is smart enough to detect a fault but does not give what if not where ?

That sounds like our political system personified !!!

Detecting a fault is easy. It activates, detects that there is no current coming in on the other end and indicates a fault. No way for it to know where the break is at. Only that there is a break and the circuit won't close. If you have a broken cable you typically can't find it without pulling it all apart. There may be some areas where it's more likely to have broken than others. Which will be the first places you check. But you may not find it there and would have to pull it all apart to find it. Or you can do like most people would. Accept the cable is bad and get a new one. Lot easier in the long run.