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how to find the right used car for me? Answered

all right  guys and gals i need to find a good used car in the atlanta area but am having the hardest time doing so if any one knows on a good reliable honest search engine ect. for used cars within a certian make modle and budget please let me know.



Strongly recommend starting with Consumer Reports, who maintain reliability histories of just about every auto model on the market and can help you figure out which are good bets and which you probably shouldn't waste time on.

After that: When you decide you're seriously interested in a particular car, arrange to take it to a mechanic you trust and pay him to check it out BEFORE you buy it. ("Would you let your own kid buy it, and do you think the price is in the right ballpark?") A trustworthy seller should have no problems with your wanting to do this, or with your using a mechanic you select rather than necessarily trusting theirs. This inspection may cost you $100, but given that it can save you from spending many times that for a lemon it's a good investment.

Appropriate prices: I think CU has some indication of general price ranges. The Blue Book is available on line, and can give a somewhat more specific estimate of what specific models, with specific options, are currently going for; it indicates what dealers are typically paying for this car as trade-in, what they're selling it for as used-from-dealer, and what private sellers are asking for it (which, please note, is often a bit higher than what private sellers are _getting_ for it).

It may be a good idea to also pay for a check to see whether this car has previously been in a serious accident -- preferably before you take it to the mechanic, so you can tell them and they'll have a bit more information on what to look out for. A car that is *properly* repaired after a major accident may be fine... but one that is not properly repaired may be anything from annoying to slowly dying (flood-damaged cars are notorious for that) to actively unsafe. If the car was previous totalled, it may be completely repaired but insurance companies may still be unwilling to offer you anything but liability insurance; that's enough to let you drive it legally, but if anything happens to it you'd have to pay all the costs to fix it up again.

You may want to find a trusted friend or relative who is unloading a vehicle. It may or may not be the one you'd ideally want, but you're likely to be able to get a lot more information about how it has actually been treated. DO get the car inspected even so; the best way to do business with friends is to keep it on a business basis, so there isn't a chance for misunderstandings to mess up the friendship.

My first car was a $300 junker purchased from a friend -- in bad condition, but I knew that before the money changed hands and it lasted about five years before I donated it away. My second car was bought new, but suffered some flood damage and I would have had to completely replace the engine to really fix it properly... and even then, flood-damaged cars are prone to rusting problems in the long term. My third was purchased used from a co-worker; no complaints. I've spent the past several years living mostly without a car, and am about to purchase a used minivan from friends whose youngest kid has just gone off to college and are downsizing. I don't claim to be an expert by any means, but I do have to say that my experience suggests that people tend to overstate the amount of risk in this transaction ... at least, if you're buying from someone you know or from a dealer who has a good reputation.

Thanks for the useful information. My sister is looking for calgary used cars and has had a hard time finding the right one for her. Are there any suggestions of places to find used cars in Calgary? Thanks!

Selecting the perfect car is not always easy. There are many things to consider before buying a car you have many choices when you buy used car especially regarding its performance for past years months respectively. used car prices

There are many affordable used cars but they are not easy to find, there are many risks such as you will be cheated or buy hidden problems. So you should be careful and make sure you are getting car and a deal that you will be happy with. I would say buying used cars from authorized dealer is really a good idea. Here in this way we can save some amount of our money. Second Hand Cars In Maharashtra

You are the only person to know if a car will do for you:

What will the main use be

what occasional, but important uses will you have,

What insurance can you afford.

What image do you want

What budget do you have

How well could you keep an older, but cheaper car, going

How much will economic running costs affect your choice

I had a friend who bought a car EVERY year, never more then £200 or about $300 but his reasoning was at that price, a years motoring was worth it, if it broke then he could afford to get rid and get another.

Sometimes he got 2 years out of a car.

Cheapest is generally older cars that use a lot of petrol or cost a lot to repair.

Legend tells of a mystical soothsayer whose name is "Autotrader".

look for something in your price range then think about what you are going to use it for (long trips, daily commuting,etc.) then after that think about how much space you really need