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how to find torque of a rotating actuator shaft.. Answered

am doing a project on developing a instrument helps finding the torque value of a actuators rotating shaft before fitting it to the valve ....


What units are used to quantify torque...?
You could build a length-weight rig (pic), but be warned that if you test things to their limits you put them under maximum load/stress.



Pardon, but why do you need to determine the value empirically for end-use? I would simply use the actuator mfg data to determine the baseline and make sure I choose an actuator with slightly more torque than is required. It's final strength can be modified by use of PWM or similar.

Sounds like he wants to know if its the RIGHT torque, so the actuator will operate the valve.

Understood, not taking issue with your suggestion, but still, the problem sounds like an issue of finding out the required torque for the valve, rather than that supplied by a rotating actuator (presumably a rotary solenoid or similar), which can be specified to a vendor or selected from a catalog or website, prior to purchase, once the required value is known.

React it against springs in a rotating frame, measure the displacement.