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how to generate the 2.4 GHz frequency ? Answered

i am designing the anti drone device which can jam the drone in operating condition and make it inoperable. but i am struct with the problem that how to generate the 2.4 GHz frequency using voltage controlled oscillator.


In most countries this is going to be illegal without government sanction. You can't just jam frequencies that have been allocated for other purposes.

2.4 Ghz is used for many things including mobile phones and wifi. as well as RC.

You need to know more about how modern RC works as well. all 2.4Ghz transmitters frequency hop, meaning as they detect another transmission on their frequency they jump automatically to another. Makes your project very hard to do as interference is just what they are avoiding.

Using a jammer in most countries not just illegal but now a feral offence -which can lend you in jail very easy.
However, using a netgun (usually to catch birds) works a treat here.
Collected 3 drones last year, only one was claimed by the owner.
The other two were just cheap supermarket ones though...

Hope you charged him a storage fee :-)

I would enjoy a pic or more info on that netgun ?

You could hack an old microwave so it runs with the door off and aim it at a target.