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how to get correct sequence of stepper motor? Answered



Best way is to identify the motor (sn, pn, etc.), then visit the mfg site for tech info or otherwise contact them for the proper sequencing.

That's certainly the professional approach. A bit of online research may turn up all the info you need.

That's the general approach for most things technical. It's efficient, it's most often accurate, and it usually saves all involved parties time and unnecessary effort.

And if it doesn't work, you do always have trial-and-error (or trying to trace out circuitry) to fall back on.

Inthe case of many things, yes, that's always an option. Just not my first choice, especially when I only have one of something like a stepper, which can be compromised by improper use. I consider trial and error to be a second choice. Educational, no question, but I didn't see anything that said the author was interested in empirically determining the proper configuration and defaulted to mirroring my own experience and method.

I thought that using the trial and error method he might learn something in the process.

But I guess that locating and reading a data sheet might be learning something also.

1. Find out how it works and what type it is - this will give you an idea of the connections. 2. identify each coil connection with a multi meter or LED and battery 3. Set up manual switches so you can turn each coil on and off and see what happens. 4 experiment now with different order of switches.

By trial and error.