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how to get free soda? Answered


The method I'm about to describe really works, and it's so simple that you'll wonder why you had not thought of it before.

All you have to do is find a public waste basket, or recycling bin where other people toss their empty soda bottles and cans after they're finished with them.  Then you collect these so called "empty" bottles and cans, and in each one you'll be able to find just a few drops of soda clinging to the insides.  Then you can combine all that wasted soda into one container.  If you do this with enough bottles and cans, you can glean enough liquid to make the equivalent of one whole soda!

There's a similar trick you can do with cigarette butts, combining the gleaned tobacco contents of several found cigarette butts, to make one whole cigarette.

For chewing gum it's even easier, you just have to find a good looking lump of it, then clean off the dirt and other debris that may be sticking to it.

Hope this helps!


Contact the soda company for a "free soda" coupon.

Drink water it's better for you. (and you teeth)


6 years ago

There is always the old standby, dress like a hot girl and just wait for some guy to offer to buy you a drink.


6 years ago

Look for a "buy one get one free" sale.

Later you could try returning the one you bought and keeping the free one but usually that won't work so good, but you still got the one for free, even if you paid twice as much for the one you bought. .

A lot of bars if your the dd you can drink free soda.

Stand outside a soda fountain looking pathetic?

Steal some sodium bicarbonate.

go to any cafe or bar
order a soda
drink it
and do not want to pay

get a girlfriend

another possibility is to just have a refreshment inside a supermarket
if the bottle is refundable, cash it in and give the money to a homeless person

my favorite is to make a spectacle throwing a tantrum fit till someone give you one just to shut you up.