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how to get good vocal recordings through telephone without feedback noise? Answered

I'm a producer and I'd like to know how I can record my daughter over the phone into my ProTools studio soundcard,I have 1 mic


I would highly suggest not to try recording something over the phone line because it is not very high quality for several reasons. The first being that the frequency range of a phone line is from 350Hz to 3.5k Hz. This isn't horrible for the human voice, but it definitely will not be the best. Also, the microphone in a telephone is not made to be very high quality, and the casing can cause echos or other problems at times.

Well, there's lots of good methods. Ideally, you would have a decent microphone in each room connected to a decent recorder and you'd mix the two recordings together at a later date. Of course, that's probably not an option.

First check :
Yeah, it's from an old Phreaking group, but it was predictably the best link I could dredge up for you. Hey, phreaks know phones... go figure. Anyway, there are other makes and models of audio recorders and taps available on the open market. In most countries you can buy this kind of stuff at electronics stores. Radio Shack and The Source are two names that come to mind. I recommend an inline recording adapter similar to the ones they mentioned. They have two distinct advantages. First off, they're cheap. Second, they have better quality than most DIY methods. Go pick one up, and connect it to the mic input on your sound card or another recording device.

Before anyone comments otherwise... its perfectly legal to record conversations between consenting parties.