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how to get mint extract? Answered

im in ireland and findin it hard to get it. any ideas?


well... some of the confusion here is terminology. Soaking a plant in alcohol (for example, whiskey) is called a tincture (BTW, vodka is better for tinctures...) putting the plant in a jar and heating it, and running the steam through a condensation coil and then siphoning off the oil is called an essential oil. the tincture is the most commonly used for food and smellniceyness, because the essential oil will make you pretty sick if you eat it.


9 years ago

So the tasty oil in mint is what you're after - if you want to make it yourself, you'll have to distill it from fresh mint.

Check out distilling your own perfume oil and home distillation of catnip for technique information. (Catnip is a mint-family plant, too.) You'll likely need to dilute the extract a bit, whether in alcohol (high-proof ethanol) or a carrier oil.

so, whisky can't function as diluting fluid ?

Whiskey is ethanol - it just depends on the % alcohol. Higher proof = better for this purpose. Of course, whiskey may not be a good choice because it's strongly flavored, which is why people usually choose rum or vodka instead.

ahh...whisky. is there anything it can't do?