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how to get rid of fleas on my dog?-I've tried shampooing with flea shampoo but that isn't working. Answered



Re carpets (and beds, and any other fabric that your dog spends a lot of time lying on): There are insecticides which specifically interrupt the insect growth cycle, and are fairly harmless to mammals. I believe these are available as dusts and/or shampoos for treating carpets, and possibly as "bug-bombs". I'd suggest asking your vet for advice.

The one time my cat and I were fighting a flea infestation, it took a few weeks of that, flea shampoo, and actively combing the fleas out of her fur before they were all gone... and I think I wound up throwing out the old bathrobe she was using as a daybed.

As others have said, flea collars or the new back-of-the-neck drops are a good preventative to keep the fleas from taking up housekeeping in your pet's fur to begin with. So is keeping the pet indoors, but that's a lot easier with cats than with dogs.

The ONLY product i have seen that WORKS to get rid of fleas is
called "ADVANTAGE".  You put it on the dog at the back of their neck where the neck and body of the dog meet.   That way, the dog can NOT lick the spot.  In years past, you must have a vet's visit to purchase that product. but if you know the WEIGHT of your dog you can order it DIRECT from 1-800-petmeds.  It stops the fleas from reproducing.  So it does not work INSTANTLY.  Give the dog a bath FIRST with regular dog shampoo... just to give the dog some relief.  When the dog is dry, apply the ADVANTAGE product to the dog.  Do Not give the dog another bath, or you may wash it off. 
This stuff WORKS !!! But you will have to be patient.  The eggs that hatch will not be able to reproduce.  The fleas that bite the dog will not make eggs that will hatch.  .... or something like that... within a week or so, you will start to see reduced fleas.  In a few weeks, the fleas will be gone.  We only use this on our dogs about once a year now, or even less.  I think fleas are becoming EXTINCT !!!  Flea collars and baths dont do the job.  BE SURE you purchase the CORRECT product for according to the WEIGHT of your dog or cat. 

Vacuuming carpet is one of the best ways to help any chemical flea product.  But what no one has mentioned yet is you need to vacuum any pet beds, rugs, or other fibrous material that the dogs lay on or use.  Couches and chairs are a hidden nesting spot for fleas that often gets overlooked.  It also wouldn't hurt to wash and change any bedding just to be on the safe side.

there are sevral ways to get rid of a flea infestation, first wash dog thouroghly, follwed by an application of frontline. secondly, vacuum floor (even flea dusting prior). empty?replaced vac bag, as it will have live fleas and eggs inside. finally, if you have a back yard, me sure to put down some sort of powder insecticide. repeat process in a week,with the exception of frontline application. the flea eggs will hatch and be looking for a blood meal, so you want to be sure to get them all in the vacuum.

Organophosphates (not too dissimilar to "nerve-gas") tend to work, but if you don't like the sound of that how about a very fine comb?


Fleas can be hard to get rid of.  They can live in the carpet for several months if it is a good environment.

If you let your dog out they might be in the yard or on the dog next door.  If they get close to each other the fleas will jump from the other dog to yours.

If you take your dog to the vet and get one of the once a month flea treatments you would have a better chance to get rid of them.  That's the way I keep fleas off 3 dogs and 2 cat.

THere are several instructables that might offer some good suggestions you might try.