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how to get rid of insect in tank? Answered

I have this 30 gallons tank which is 1/4 filled with water and some rocks for decoration. It is used to keep 2 turtles. However, my problem started a week later. A couple of flies are in my tank. I tried to clean the tank, but it was no use. The fly keep coming back. As my tank has no cover or hood, please help me find a way to remove those nasty flies. Thanks Sincerely, Shi Rong


. If the flies are Musca domestica or similar, then the turtles will eat them if they get in the way.
. BinaryBoy's mosquito netting or some window screening will keep them out and still allow plenty of air circulation.
. As per lemonie's suggestion, there are fish that will shoot flies out of the air (archer fish? spitting fish?). There are many fish that will hit an insect if it lands on the water. The turtles may find the fish to be tasty.

Add a fish.

for now - cover it with mosqito net for overall - see what attracts them (like edible stuff that dried on the walls or something in the water) and eliminate it. see if there are any plants which you can plant in or above the water that distract flies with their smell