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how to get wireless connections with my cable modem? Answered

i just set up phone,internet and tv with comcast through a cable connection. when i had dsl i could play my ps3 and psp or hook my laptop to my conection with wireless. since i have had this new service i cant get my other systems to recognize any connections. what do i need to do so that i can get wireless throughout my house as i did before?


do i hook it to the cable modem? or what?  i guess im looking for detailed maybe step by step instructions. thanks though for your input :)

Yup. Get a wireless router and plug it into the cable modem. You will then set up a wireless network, and once that's done you connect your wireless devices to the network.

Specific instructions for setting up the wireless connection will vary depending on what router you have and what kind of security you want. Usually, it's a matter of plugging the router into a computer via a wire to set up the configuration options, i.e. naming the network, choosing a security key, etc. then unplugging the wire and using the wireless connection from then on. Each router will have instructions and wizards to help you, and I've even had pretty good luck with the live tech support people from Linksys.