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how to get xbox live when your computer is in the other room? Answered



2 Answers.
The cheap way: buy a modem with more then one plug in, and run a REALLY long ethernet cable.
The more expensive way: Buy a wifi thingy and put in wifi in your house.

Those are exactly your options. 

Cat5 cable is cheap - especially if you a: make your own, or b: buy them from china (ebay, monoprice, dealextreme).  Routers are super cheap these days.  There is no excuse not to have one :D

Agreed. My dad and i installed wifi and ran a cat5 just for the extra speed XD

I always argue that wifi is equal to wired for speed, because the internet is the bottleneck...


if you have any encryption involved, you are adding precious milliseconds to your bandwidth - and when gaming, those count - so go wired!